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Landscaping Design & Install

Our landscape division can do anything from touching up your existing landscape for the new year to designing an entirely new look. We pride ourselves on keeping our quality service throughout the entire process to all repeating customers as well as first time clients. 


Our weekly mowing service includes trimming and blowing off all clippings from concrete surfaces and landscaping. We maintain commercial and residential accounts, and we like to add a little personal touch to each property we take care of. 

Fertilization Programs


Our program is custom made for the Omaha area. Good nutrition is essential for a healthy lawn. Every application is granular based and will be applied by a licensed and trained professional. The first and second applications are pre-emergents that will help protect against broadleaf weeds, foxtail and crabgrass. The third application is a highly recommended insecticide MERIT that is for control of sod webworm and white grubs. The fourth is a balanced fertilizer that works as an all summer feeding. The fifth and sixth applications are important for stimulating root growth and for food storage over the winter.


Aeration & Over Seeding


Aeration in the spring & fall is a great way to reduce thatch. This process will improve the penetration of air in your lawn. 

Over seeding is highly recommended every fall. Over seeding can help reduce the chance of disease and become a well established lawn if done yearly.

Mulch Installation


We can deliver and install mulch for you. We have 4 different mulch colors to choose from basic, chocolate, red and coffee. All of the mulch products we use are properly shredded, aged and composted to ensure a quality finished product for your landscape.


Do it yourself - We understand that you may want to install the mulch yourself, so we can deliver the mulch to your home for you to install. This will save you the inconvenience of buying by the bag and hauling it all yourself.

Synthetic Turf

We are a official dealer of Synthetic Turf International for Omaha/Lincoln & Council Bluffs surrounding areas. Our wide variety of products have been proven to exceed your expectations. We can help with the Lawn & Landscape, Putting greens, Pet Turf, Playgrounds, Baseball Cages, EZTEE Tee Lines & Hitting Mats. Visit for all available products.

Bed Weeding

Cedar Apple Rust Treatment

Crabgrass Treatment 

Drainage Systems

Edging Stone

Fall Clean Up

Fungicide Treatment

Landscape Lighting

Retaining Walls

Japanese Beetle Treatment

Patio Pavers &
Flagstone Walk Ways

Snow Removal

Landscape Bed/ Sidewalk Edging


Tree & Shrub Fertilization

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